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12. Was He Funny, Was He Scary?

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Now that Mark has returned from the Far away world of Westeros. This episode is jammed packed full of anything and everything Comics!! We talk about Mark and Tina's COMPLETELY UNREAL trip to Scotland, Movies of the Future, Stand-Up Comics and we all try out are Christopher Walken Impressions. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women and wont stop bring up "Tale Spin" - Businessman of Cape Suzette. Also since Chris and Ben weren't able to join us this week. They were missed, but our friends Jeremy and Siobhan Stopped by to join us. And this is so far probably our longest episode yet. So stick in there. Because what Jeremy brought to this one was ridiculous :D

Also we will be adding a bunch of pics from mark's trip( find them on our FB page)

WARNING: This Episode contains some adult language.

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